Goatman clanswarrior number four

Goatman clanswarrior 4With blonde hair and the first hint of a kilt, this is the goatman who sets the trend of the herd. He’s the dandy goat – or, as dandy a goat gets.

I noticed a few imperfections – I should shade down the highlight on the rim of the shield and take care of what looks like a blot of paint on the left knee, and I was also sure I had made a better job of highlighting the horns (but I don’t have the model with me now).

Nevertheless, I have a special liking for this one.  I feel the picture just doesn’t do him justice: when you keep him in your hands you can almost smell it. I’ll probably set him up in the front rank next to the champion – which, in the game-world twisted logic, means he’ll be one of the last to hit the dirt.

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