Goatman Jarl

Goatman jarl 1 Goatman jarl 2 Goatman jarl 3 Goatman jarl 4








I think this miniature was meant to be the General in a Beastmen battle box, back in the days. I’m still unsure whether to use it just as a hero level character, as the battle standard bearer (in that case I’ll find a way to mount a standard on his back), or, temporarily, as a Beastlord. If only virtually – I don’t really have time to dedicate to gaming any more – 9th age (the long awaited community-developed replacement of warhammer fantasy battles you should immediately check out) got me thinking of army builds and of actually using miniatures again. Fascinating.

For the time being, and keeping with my Norse theme, I’m calling him a Jarl.

Technically, I had already painted this miniature, but when I got back to it I decided to try some non-metallic highlights on the helm, the axe, and the armour. I’m especially happy about the results on the helm. Funny how from the front it looks like a typified Greek helmet and from the back the crest turns out to be a Mohawk.




6 thoughts on “Goatman Jarl

    • Thanks again! Depending on how much attention I will give to the goatmen project – right now it’s just trying to paint the miniatures I already have – he may be demoted to a hero or even a champion in a bestigor unit, but for the time being he’s in charge. πŸ™‚

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