Shields wanted

DevlingsDevlings! Arguably, ungor did look a bit like devils anyway, but the inspiration for this colour scheme comes from the homonymous faction from Battle for Wesnoth – a game that took a toll on my life several years ago, but oh so sweetly! Actually, devlings are way smaller than ungors, but I still liked the feeling. Here’s an artwork picture to give you an idea.

Nailers copySo many memories…

However, the main reason for this post is that I need to find suitable shields for these fellows. I might just go with old plain small round shields from gw, but I’d rather find something more interesting. I think a copper buckler would look nice, but it won’t really match with the spear, nor with the position on the arm. A pelte – ancient Greek shield used by light infantry – especially with a tear shaped cavity to rest the spear on would be even better, but frankly I don’t know where to find something like that. Alternatively, I could keep with the Norse theme, broadly intended, of the Goatmen I’ve been painting and go for a simple targe design. If anyone has any suggestions, they’re very much welcome!


3 thoughts on “Shields wanted”

  1. Nice use of Ungors, as you say they have lots of potential, not just poor levy beastmen in Warhammer!

    After a quick look you can get Peltast shields here though it’s probably easier and cheaper to buy some small plastic shields off eBay and drill a hole to create the shape.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, those look nice. I’ll look around some more and if I’ll find anything good and cheap I’ll post about it – but I will always consider the cheaper, and craftier way. 😉

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