Redemptionist devotee Markus

Devotee 1Merry Christmas, I guess. What better than a Christian fundamentalist space gothic Klan member to remind us of the joys of intolerance, religion, and gun ownership?

To offset, partially, the depressing vibes I get from this miniaturised icon of violence and oppression I felt I had to watch this again. Though unfortunately it seems games workshop was able to provide them with more functional masks…

Anyway, as they say, you need the worst villains for the best stories. In fact, I am probably going to expand my collection of redemptionists in the future, drawing from different miniature ranges. So far, it includes just five models, all from the classic gw range. Apart from one, wielding a sword and hand flamer and carrying a book, who will end up as a the recruitment deacon, the rest are going to be painted as devotees. Their green robes, as opposed to the white ones of crusaders and priests, signify that while still being affiliated to the redemption they are not yet proven members of the cult.

Painting-wise, I shaded the red stole with blue and purple – it’s not very evident in the picture but it’s there; and I gave a try to non-metallic metal on the guns. Did it work? Any suggestions for the base?

Game-wise, I’m not a fan of double pistols and I’d rather play him with just an autopistol and a knife. Apart from the fact that they tend to look ridiculous, what’s the point of an extra stub gun if you can’t take any dumdum bullets? But, then again, can you seriously expect any sense from a fanatic and a vigilante?


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