Norran warriors with spear

Norran clanswarriors with lanceFive Viking huscarls in mail with shields and spears from the excellent Hammer of the Gods range, mounted on large lipped bases for extra effect.

The  models are fairly accurate historically – note the weighted belt tip on the second model from the left, the woollen leg wraps on most of the models, the design of the helms, sword hilts, etc. (you can have a look at this site if you like to get a general idea of Viking garments and weapons – and even if you don’t, grassroots Viking aficionados who are willing to craft and test their own clothing in the snow merit some attention anyway!)

Admitting that the Norran culture in my own narrative rpg setting was a mix – or rather an uncritical jumble – of Vikings, Celtic Britons, Picts and whatnot, I’m using these models to represent the Norran, a culturally homogeneous people divided in clans and inhabiting the Northern Archipelago (for which I simply used a map of the Orkney isles blown up to approximately the size of France) and the Continent, in the area around Vyrkhaven and further North along the polar coastline.

The painting quality is of a lower standard, but keep in mind that I have 32 of these fellows to go! The bases are made in the exact same way as the goatmen bases you’ve seen in the previous, and ongoing, project precisely because these two peoples live on the same land – sometimes pacifically, and sometimes not so.

In the next weeks I’ll try to keep up with my painting schedule and alternate goats and Vikings, also throwing in something different for the sake of variety…


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