Second goatman clanswarrior

Goatman clanswarrior 2With such a pair of proud ibex horns, punkish hairdo and a sturdy mace, you sure don’t want to mess with this goat! Or, at least, that’s what he wants you to believe…

Note the mud-splat, no-nonsense design I chose for the herd’s shield after the disastrous silliness of the previous one. The goatman in the other post has now replaced his shield as well and he’s feeling fine and dandy – you’ll see him in the group picture I’m going to take at the end of the project.

Despite the looks of their warriors, goatmen are actually a pacific people and have a rather refined and ancient culture. If they ever take the warpath at all, it is to defend the barren, mountainous, lands they usually dwell from the ravages of human prospectors digging for ore. It is indeed in response to repeated invasions from the Isles of Roburgh and the Sin Empire that the goatmen of the Norralm have started federating themselves on the model of human clans.


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