Goatman clanswarrior

Goatman clanswarriorAnother restoration work, this time a metal beastman gor from games workshop.

I smoothed down the contrast on the horns a bit, enhanced the six pack and muscles with some slightly more reddish tones of brown, and turned the hair to something tawny.

On the blade, I added some rusty shadows and a rough light grey/cream lining, as seen in this video. The base was made with emergency material, since I left most of my good basing stock in Italy.

I tried my freehand on the shield, but the goatman was not satisfied with the results. He said he knew it was supposed to suggest a chaos symbol with something of an eerie eye on top and two gratuitous blobs on the bottom, and that would have been fine enough, but it actually ended up looking like a puffy tzeench cyclops trying to hug you. That was not going to fare well during the mating season brawls, I gathered… Fortunately I have more shields to experiment with, and a simpler red and white design in mind.


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