The Bizmarks – leader and shotgun ganger

Bizmarks1 Bizmarks2This is as much a restoration work as a painting project, since these two models were already partially, and rather poorly, painted. I cleaned the old paint away, got them a new black base coat and then tried to overcome the loss of detail that had nevertheless taken place – and that is still evident on the front of the shotgun. In general, you can see that the back side is neater than the front, where most of the damage was located.

I came up with the Bizmarks after I realised that I had enough Van Saar models left for a gang after those I needed for my (forthcoming) Union project – union as in trade union, by the way. The Biz will stand nicely as the authoritarian paramilitary group siding with the enforcers against organised promethium plant workers, subaltern scavvy mutants, and the Redemptionist zealots of a pal of mine in a campaign that we’ll hopefully play next summer.


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