Night goblin test group

Night goblin command group 1 Night goblin command group 2Long ago I used to play orcs & goblins. I had a few models painted – sooner or later I’ll retouch them and put their pictures up – but most of my collection remained in its primer.

This summer I arranged a whole regiment of thirty night goblins, one of the three in my most traditional army set up (they used to be twenty before they went hordes, but it’s too late to matter now), complete with old-time netters and clubbers and a “new” set of recruits from the Battle for Skull Pass battle box.

This is a test group for the whole regiment, which will probably come to life next summer. Nothing fancy for the colour scheme, but I did want some purple and orange to offset the black of the capes. The tips of the spears are stone and ornaments and the more blingy weapons will come in rusted iron and brass. I might light up the skin with some more yellows, or else tone it down to something paler – they do live in caves after all.

Anyway, that’s my test. I welcome any ideas and suggestions.


3 thoughts on “Night goblin test group

  1. Nice work – relatively simple but very effective. Also reminding me that I have a batch of these guys to paint up sometime. I think they’ll make ideal subjects for “paint at work”. 🙂

    • Thanks, it is a very simple technique, but with more than a hundred of these models to go that’s what I was looking for. I’m still trying to work out an easy way to improve the skin (and I’ll definitely return on the standard)…
      That of course depends on the work you do 🙂

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