Otherworld Wights

Wight 3Wight 4Wight 1 Wight 2

Two more wonderful models from Otherworld miniatures. The folds of their robe were very interesting to paint, and I experimented with green blue and violet shadows, as well as mixing different tones of red for the highlights.

The skin was made with staining a white-cream base coat with more or less the same colours I used for shading the coats. A similar pattern of iridescent transitions has been used on the blades.

Right or wrong, I consider these to be my best models so far – even though their overall appearance is rather subdued and there are no strong contrasts nor details standing out to command the view.

One thought on “Otherworld Wights”

  1. These look splendid! The paint jobs really capture the feeling of ethereal cold evil that these sort of creatures would emit. Well done.

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