Skeleton constructs

Skeleton construct with great axe 2 Skeleton construct with great axe 1 Skeleton construct with great axe 3The model above is an old Rackham range skeleton warrior. I love the amount of detail and style they used to put into their miniatures, too bad they’re practically gone. It can’t really be seen in the pictures, but I tried some subtle blue, green and reddish-brown ink effects on the blade and armour. I’m planning to use it for a Mordheim force in the (unforseeable) future – that’s why it’s still without proper basing.

The skellies below are from Otherworld miniatures. I think they made a very impressive work on the bones sculpt, and I like the evil look they gave some of the models. I should run an extra layer of highlights on these when I come to the final basing…

Skeleton constructs 1 Skeleton constructs 3 Skeleton constructs 2 Skeleton constructs 4


2 thoughts on “Skeleton constructs

  1. Very nice skeletons here. How did you find the Otherworld Skeletons? I like the look of them but as multipart models, they seem like they’d be incredibly fragile to actually game with.

    • I think I found them either through here – – or by extending this list with some personal research. The Otherworld range has its ups and downs, but so far as skeletons go, they’re really nice – I also like the armoured version very much.
      These are a bit fragile, you’re right, but less than they look. Arms fell apart a couple of times, but I also got them through two rough trips in a non-suitable box without any accident.

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