Jons – Scavvy Ganger

Jons 1 Jons 2








“Scabies and scavenging: scavvies. It’s not that bad. You only have an obligation to your stomach, and you can live as long as you can keep your eyes peeled and your gun loaded. I can tell you, it’s pointless to keep it a secret now that I’d be executed anyway. For all I did, as well as for all I didn’t do but still have the looks like I did: I chose to come here. Here in this dump with nothing but were-rats and skin disease and a bunch of cannibals to keep company. I came here to stay out of the military. And, man, I don’t regret it a bit. I knew I was going to be drafted. From a relative of mine who was some kind of bureaucrat for the Guard. They were going to get me, ship me a crap-ton light years through the warp to some rock on the fringe of the universe, holding a stick-gun against the resident horror-with-no-name. “There is only war”… the hell there is! If I didn’t die on first assignment, then it was going to be nothing but drill and bootlicking until my next chance to die. Screw that! I’d rather be rotting inside and out like I am here, but at least do it in my own name. And that is all I have to say.”

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