Redemption Harry – Scavvy Ganger

Redemption Harry 1 Redemption Harry 2








“I have little to say about myself. But I can tell you about a thing I’ve seen. I am sure you’ve seen death yourself, and had your share of wounds and bruises. Everyone has around here. But I’ve seen a kid burn at the stake, once. I cannot describe it. A whole mob was staring and cheering. They thought the boy was possessed by demons. I sure wished a demon was really going to come out of that poor fellow’s mouth and let its wrath loose on the congregation. But the boy just screamed. Nothing happened. He screamed, and then he fell silent and his body was consumed by the flames. Am I going to live another thirty years, I will never be able to put a bullet through the head of everyone’s responsible for that. From the high minds to the people who were fooled and killed while clapping their hands. But I still feel I’ve been charged with his vengeance. It’s like it’s here in my chest. So I ended up saying something about me, I guess. Look, I’ve carved an “r” on each of these shotgun shells, for redemption. For that’s how the people who did that called themselves, and, by the time I’ll be finished with them, I swear to the hells that’s what they’re going to get!”


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