Hunch – Scavvy Ganger

Hunch 1 Hunch 2








“I’m not even a mutant. Not enough to be human, not enough to be a monster”, he can often be heard complaining. “Good enough for the gallows, though”. Hunch got his battle name when one day he matched his most distinguishing physical trait with an uncommon stroke of luck – a series of coincidences of the kind that, in the mutant’s world of superstitions, made of him something of a seer and a wicked saint. The story is told in many ways and Hunch himself greatly embellishes it, for his survival often depends on the satisfaction of his audience. I’ll give you the shortest version.

One day, Hunch accidentally shot his left foot. A few hours later, an enemy gang stormed the camp where he was staying. Outgunned, all the other scavvies fled. But Hunch couldn’t run, so he was left behind and was immediately caught and captured. It turned out that the gang that was attacking them  needed one prisoner, as a gift for neighbouring Cawdors, so Hunch was gagged and tied up and kept safe. All the other scavvies were caught and killed.

The next day, another band of scavvies attacked the gang before Hunch could be delivered to the Cawdors. Taken by surprise, the gangers opted to run away. But since Hunch still couldn’t run, he was left behind again and taken captive. The scavvies who rescued him were about to eat him, of course. But when Hunch told them his story, they changed their mind.  And so Hunch was spared, and got his name.


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